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I'm Jess.  Esthetician. Herbalist. Licensed Massage Therapist. Formulator.
My Background

I began my love affair with beauty when I was 19 years old and started as Front Desk Coordinator at Ulta Beauty. I had a love for dramatic and special effects makeup looks and Ulta provided the perfect learning playground for me to get my fix. I developed an obsession with skincare after receiving my first facial in the Salon at Ulta in 2009. After that, I attended every training possible, spoke with every vendor, and quickly climbed my way through the retail ranks as a go to retail skincare expert, but I still wanted more knowledge.


I began researching cosmetic formulating, ingredients, actives, uses, and anything else I could get my search box to land on. I also started questioning traditional beauty standards and methods. I was supposed to sell the products after all, so I needed to know they were the best. The thing is, they weren't the best. They were sometimes the most expensive, but far from the best.


I began to research beauty rituals and standards in countries around the world and I found two things in common everywhere:

A) Consistency was the key and B) Simplicity allowed for consistency


I read a book by the founder of Caudalie, a French skincare brand that focuses on the benefits of the natural ingredients in traditional French skincare. In it, she makes a strong case for simple skincare rituals, right out of the backyard, that had been passed down through generations.


The Fact that one of the most beautiful societies in history thought about beauty very differently from the western world of constant cash flow and invasive treatments had me enthralled. 


That kick-started my journey into natural and nature-made remedies. I started practicing Herbalism not too long after and truly found my calling. I began learning all I could and putting my discoveries to the test with homemade concoctions, products, and household items. I will never stop learning and everytime I attend a new class or lecture I get straight to testing, tinkering, and formulating to continue to make our brand even better! The Market Spa is a line of skin loving, earth centered, simple Herbal Skincare to help you reach your skin health goals without the stress and dissappointment of "fast beauty Retailers". I decided in 2018 to finally put my expertise into practice and became licensed in Esthetics and Massage therapy. In my location in Bonita springs, FL I offer full service herbal spa rememdies including Facials, Massage, facial Waxing, and handmade herbal skincare products. 


I have found the path that my soul was designed for and I'm so glad you're here with me!

My Plans

BRAND NEW SUITE OPENING SEPTEMBER 2021- I'm on a mission to make The Market Spa a destination for natural beauty and wellness. I have a vision of a full service spa and retail space that offers fresh, hollistic, customized formulas using herbal goodness sourced from around the world. I want The Market Spa to double as a place for like-minded nature and beauty lovers to gather, share, and get formulating themselves! It's all in the plan, so we just stay the course! Join me in working towards this dream, one step at a time! Come visit our brand new suite In Bonita Springs!

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